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This is what it was like when I was at school and the girls below remind me of my old school friends
and one of the headmasters, who I have kept in touch with ;o)

Donna we shared a common interest having our bottoms smacked... :o)
Holly was a sexy girl not a great fan of a sore bottom, she used to get the cane at home. (lucky thing)
Jane again not a lover of C.P but she did talk about here experiences with one certain female teacher.
Julia just like me only a lot more cheeky, she likes a striped bottom and she liked it when we were at school.
Kathy and holly used to talk about their punishments a lot , i think kathy liked it really.
Sarah one of those naughty girls, always in trouble, always standing outside the Heads office.
Pang cute Oriental girl that spent a year at our school, used to get a severe punishment at home from father.
Lori we talked about punishments at school and told me how she got caned by her step mum a few times.
Petra this girl hated the cane, but the headmaster looks just like the one we had in our last school.
Penny hard bottom caning from uncle and more

Punishment games in the attic this set of pictures are my fave at the moment being tied down... mmmmm

Miss Valkeri

She knows how to cane a bottom .....owwwwwwwwwwwwww (FREE video)
Knickers Down Touch your toes for the cane (FREE video)
Severe caning Por girl I feel sorry for here :o((FREE video)
Cute Blonde Caned I do like the gym horse (FREE video)
Caroline's spanking A good over the knee bare bottom smacking (FREE video)
Real Tears caning Ahhhhhhhh bless her (FREE video)
The ole school rod Certaily striped my lil bottom a few times (FREE video)
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