A stff upper lip

Schoolgirls and naughty daughters, nieces and alike up until the 1980's were normally punished at home and at school with corporal punishment. A good spanking, or caning. Usually across the bottom. In England spanking was referred to as " smacking " , to be placed over the knee and receive slaps to the bottom. Sometimes this was applied to the bare cheeks. ( a good bare bottom spanking ) Although most girls would have to admit, that there was nothing particularly good about it. Obviously it was designed to hurt.

The cane however, was a more severe form of punishment. The recipient would bend over a desk or chair, sometimes told to just stand up and bend over (grasping her ankles or touching her toes)

Canes were mainly used in schools and applied to the hands or buttocks. Six of the best, as it was often referred to. school canes were made from rattan, not bamboo. Rattan canes are more flexible and can be mould ed easily, to have crooked handles. A good old fashioned school cane was about 3 feet long and about a 1/4 of an inch thick. It would leave a mark or a welt across the seat of a naughty schoolgirls bottom for a few days.

Sadly since the 80's this form of punishment has been deemed, against human rights by the do-good ers of the Nanny state. Therefore it is illegal and sadly not used anymore.

It never did me any harm though... well only a hot striped stinging red bottom. If I am honest, I think even then I sort of, liked it. As did some of my friends and other girls.

Come in and see the large collection of pictures in my site, of such punishments Lots of red hot smacked spanked and caned bare bottoms. Like mine........

Tracy , x x x

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